What is Freelancing

Freelancing doesn’t mean that it’s free. But there is freedom of timing, environment, and freedom from the boss. In freelancing, you can sell your services/skills online on different freelancing websites. As already described in my previous post that there are many skills you can sell online. A freelancer means self-employed and not in any commitment to fulfill any or particular employer for the long term. You can get a task as per your skill for a given time frame. If you work as per the requirement of your client, he will pay you money. That’s it.

Freelancing is also beneficial for the employer as he is not bound to cover your insurance. He does not need to rent a workplace. So many benefits of freelancing are here for the employer too that’s why freelancing is growing day by day.

Types of Freelancing websites/ Marketplaces:

1. Traditional Market Place

2. Non-Traditional Market Place

Traditional Market Place:

In a traditional freelance marketplace, the buyer comes and posts his project. Freelancers bid on that project. Usually, the buyer selects the freelancing viewing freelancer’s profile. If you can satisfy the buyer that you have understood his project and no one can do this better other than you so you can win the project. After completion of the project, the buyer accepts your completed project and transfers your charges to that freelance marketplace and that marketplace sends money to you after deduction of its commission.

Non-Traditional Market Place:

In the Non-Tradition freelance marketplace, freelancer posts their skills in well-mannered design. Just like a shopping mall you have to open your shop and show you display beautifully. Similar is the case for a freelancing website. The buyer comes and visits many posts and award the project to that freelancer who satisfies him. Payment producers remain almost the same.

Advantages of Freelancing:

As a freelancer, you are free of time and space. When doing freelancing, you can work as per your desired timings which means that you are free from 9-5 office timing. A big benefit of freelancing is that you are your boss. You can work as much as you want and you can earn as much as you want. Another benefit of freelancing is that you don’t have to follow the employer rules and any official languages or dressing. In freelancing, chances of self-growth are high. You can learn many other skills which means you can sell more services online on different freelancing websites. After completing many projects successfully, you can get self-recognition. Clients always want to award their projects to experienced freelancers.

Dis-Advantages of Freelancing:

Freelancers compromise their health to earn more money and it is a major disadvantage of freelancing. A freelancer has to sit on the computer for long periods continuously. Sitting at the same place continuously is harmful to your health. You have to schedule your sitting time to avoid this serious issue of your health. As freedom of timing is the main benefit of freelancing but you should be online for 24 hours. Biding on more projects can increase your chances to get a project awarded. Avoid the isolation from society as mostly freelancers remain isolated from society. They limit their social life. The more you bid, the more orders you will get, and thus the busier you are. Eventually, you don’t give time to your friends and family. So please don’t Over-DO it. Do less work but with efficiency and honesty. Maintain your social life and be healthy. Don’t overthink your work and your projects. You can overcome all the above disadvantages to maintain your work schedule.

For freelancing, you need to find the right freelancing website that suits your sort of work. You can work as an hourly-paid freelancer or someone who likes to get paid for the whole task in the end. It’s up to you.

Here is a list of some of the top freelancing websites:

  • Upwork
  • Designhill
  • Toptal
  • LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder
  • We Work Remotely
  • Behance
  • SimplyHired
  • Dribbble
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • AngelList
  • DesignCrowd
  • 99designs
  • Working Not Working

Now that you are well aware of what freelancing is and the types of freelancing websites available, you can just learn a skill and start selling your services as a freelancer straightaway!

Why is there so much talk about skills for education?

Fractional teaching in subjects and semiannual assessments: this is the synthesis of current learning – or, at least, how it is widely known. It is a traditional method, which separates the contents into blocks and evaluates the student’s performance from time to time. The model works, it’s true. After all, it was the best educational institution that consolidated it. The problem is that the world has changed, and the current impositions and challenges demand new paradigms for education.

The criticism of current teaching is that it isolates the areas of knowledge. “The world has evolved and educational models have not. The teacher as the holder of knowledge, transmitting content in the lectures, does not stimulate the development of the student’s potential ”, evaluates Gisele Pinheiro, director of Colégio Ampliação de Curitiba (PR), in an interview with the newspaper Gazeta do Povo.

The result is learning diluted in silos. The market has become so competitive that the diploma is often no longer a differential. Likewise, mastering a second language is no longer a prerequisite. One must go further.

In this sense, professionals need to offer more than technical content, making room for a more holistic view of knowledge. Hence the reasons for the competency teaching model to draw more and more attention. Also known as competency learning, the methodology gains space because it is opposed to traditional teaching by subjects, connecting all areas of knowledge.

As a differential, it arbitrates in favor of focus: instead of emphasizing theory, the methodology combines knowledge, motivations, values, resources, attitudes, and skills to perform more effective actions. In addition to preaching an end to the dichotomy between concept and practice, the main advantage of the method is the closure of disconnected disciplines.

Thus, students take classes in integrated modules in order to stimulate new skills. Some national and other international studies have different definitions and it is not yet possible to establish a consensus on exactly what are the competencies in question. But some characteristics are repeated frequently. Check out:

Practical skills: Proactivity, communication, and problem-solving.

Cognitive skills: curiosity, autonomy, reflection and criticism.

Technical skills: the ability to deal with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – the so-called STEM competencies, for Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math.

Social skills: interaction, cooperation, and appreciation.

Emotional skills: ability to persist and discipline, among others.

The set of the last two types is called socio-emotional skills, as they combine aspects of social and emotional life.

In practice:

Competencies serve to improve professional performance, but not only that. Stimulating socio-emotional skills favor useful learning for life and help anyone to deal with their own challenges. In the coming years, skills should be the watchword.

In the competency model, it is based on a flexible curriculum matrix. In it, teachers work on the characteristics that the market demands each specific area of ​​the course in question. If before a Management student learned about management and accounting fundamentals, notions of budget, marketing, and entrepreneurship in disaggregated subjects, now he takes a single module where he teaches how to run a company.

Thus, competency learning tends to be guided to encourage the individual to deal better with his team, to manage small crises, and to be creative so as not to succumb to the competition.

Where it came from:

Although the expression is recent, the use of teaching by skills is not new. The concept was coined in 1948 by Harvard University psychologist and professor Robert White.

In 1970, researchers in education were already talking about a methodology in which know-how (technique) should be linked to a set of knowledge (skills). However, the use and study of skills as a methodology gained strength from the 1990s and the end of the 2000s – mainly in the United States and in European countries that are emerging at the forefront of education, such as Finland.

Southern New Hampshire University is one of the reference HEIs when it comes to competencies. The Manchester-based institution in the United States was one of the first to receive public funding to create an assessment system based on student development – supplanting the traditional accumulation of credits. As a result, several schools and HEIs around the world began to use the socio-emotional skills model.

In Brazil, the first practical appearance of competences appeared in 1996, with the publication of the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education (LDB). The determination attributed to the federal government the creation of competencies and guidelines for teaching. In the following years, other federal resolutions were created to mobilize the establishment of competencies. Since 2013, the National Secondary Level Examination (Enem) uses criteria that consider competences in solving their questions. Thus, the evaluation system does not consider only theoretical knowledge, but the ability to interpret and try to solve problems.

Currently, the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC) guides the use of competency-based teaching for integral educational development. The strategy aims to promote a more humanized school experience and accessible to all.


A clear guideline as to what competency learning is and what it is for appears in the Report by UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the 21st century. The text indicates the need for an education in which learning is based on skills that make the individual “able to face numerous situations, some of which are unpredictable, in addition to facilitating teamwork, which is a dimension neglected by teaching methods.

To this end, the curriculum matrix of the HEIs must undergo a deconstruction process, in which the main objective is to make the student the protagonist of teaching. In addition, teachers remain in the classroom but now train their own social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Another difference is that they work in a network and act as learning facilitators. In this system, monthly or bimonthly tests can be replaced by research projects.

According to researcher Thomas Armstrong, who develops studies on learning at the American Institute for Learning, in the United States, student observation is the most effective method for assessments. “How does the student work in groups? How does he do when planning an individual project? Examining students’ responses to these and other problems will say much more about their socio-emotional maturity than any quantitative rating scale, ”he says in an interview with Pátio magazine.

Self-assessment, as well as peer-review, is a way of guaranteeing a total view on learning. It can happen weekly or fortnightly, without having to follow a rule. Here, what matters is that everyone stimulates their ability to reflect on their own learning – a procedure called metacognition.

In the book Ten New Skills for Teaching, published in Brazil by Editora Penso, the Swiss Philippe Perrenoud presents the necessary approaches so that teachers can develop skills in the classroom. Among them are:

Organize and manage learning situations

Design and evolve differentiation devices

Team work

This whole strategy is even more effective when accompanied by a technological base. Virtual assistants and the use of LMS can combine other models, such as hybrid or fully distance learning, in order to guarantee more autonomy to the student.

By teaching by competencies, HEIs will be better prepared for the great challenge of teaching in the 21st century: training individuals to operate in a complex and constantly developing market.

Russia uncovers covid vaccine ‘Sputnik V’, asserting forward leap in worldwide race before definite testing total

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin guaranteed Tuesday that Russian researchers accomplished an achievement in the worldwide vaccine race, reporting that the nation has become the first to endorse an exploratory covid-19 vaccine and that his own little girl has just taken a portion.

Authorities have promised to oversee the conceivable vaccine to a huge number of individuals this late spring and fall — including a huge number of instructors and cutting edge human services laborers in the coming a long time before completing clinical preliminaries — with the equation created by the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow.

In any case, Russia’s hard charge toward a potential vaccine has raised caution among worldwide wellbeing specialists that the nation is bouncing perilously in front of basic, huge scope testing that is fundamental to decide whether a potential covid-19 insurance is sheltered and viable. Hardly any subtleties of the Gamaleya research have been made open or experienced companion survey.

Russia’s Health Ministry didn’t react to demands for input, and the Gamaleya Institute alluded a meeting solicitation to the service.

Konstantin Chumakov, an individual from the Global Virus Network, a universal alliance chipping away at viral dangers, said “it is logically difficult to demonstrate viability” without across the board preliminaries, known as Phase 3.

“Utilizing it all in all populace before the aftereffects of Phase 3 preliminaries are completely considered is a bet,” he said. “A Russian roulette, maybe.”

he vaccine is named Sputnik V, a reference to the main orbital satellite, which was propelled by the Soviet Union in 1957 and set off the worldwide space race. The name additionally evoked how Putin’s legislature has seen the vaccine race as a state of national pride and rivalry on a worldwide scale, with labs in the United States, Europe, China and somewhere else likewise in the chase for an expected vaccine.

“Obviously, what tallies most is for us to have the option to guarantee the genuine security of the utilization of this vaccine and its proficiency later on. I trust that this will be cultivated,” Putin said at a gathering with government individuals Tuesday, including that one of his two little girls had gotten the potential Gamaleya vaccine. He didn’t distinguish which little girl.

The aggressive strategy from a country eager to declare a victory amid one of the worst outbreaks in the world has been criticized by outside scientists who worry thatshots could be harmful or give people a false sense of security about their immunity. China has already authorized one vaccine for use in its military, ahead of definitive data that it is safe and effective.

“This is changing the rules. This is cutting corners,” said J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “It’s a major development, and it starts with Putin. He needs a win.

“It’s noticing [back to] the Sputnik second,” he included. “It’s beholding back to the wonder long stretches of Russian science, it’s putting the Russian purposeful publicity machine into full rigging. I figure this could blowback.

The worldwide maneuvering to discover an vaccine has honed worries about vaccine patriotism, in which nations’ have to announce triumph over the pandemic could sidestep long-standing shields to shield individuals from problematic clinical items by guaranteeing that their advantages exceed the dangers.

For Russia, driving the vaccine race is a road for more prominent international clout. Yet, the nation is additionally hoping to abstain from seeming reliant on Western forces, with whom relations are verifiably poor, examiners said.

A month ago, security authorities from the United States, Britain and Canada denounced programmers connected to a Russian knowledge administration of attempting to take data from scientists attempting to create coronavirus antibodies in those nations.

“For countries, it’s difficult to acknowledge that, ‘How is it possible that Russia, which has been always shown as this backward, authoritarian country, can do this?’ ” Dmitriev said last week.

Dmitriev said Russia has received preliminary applications for more than 1 billion doses of the vaccine from 20 countries and is prepared to manufacture more than 500 million doses of the vaccine per year in five countries.

Russia’s move could potentially increase political pressure on other countries to take a similar bet on an unproven vaccine.

That’s a huge concern because any adverse effects from the vaccine are far less likely to be transparently reported if it is given outside of a rigorous trial. There’s also concern, Morrison said, that people will be coerced to take an unproven and potentially dangerous vaccine to keep their jobs.

At a congressional hearing this month, Anthony S. Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, affirmed that it would be dangerous if nations made an vaccine accessible before broad testing.

“I do trust that the Chinese and the Russians are really trying the vaccine before they are managing the vaccine to anybody, since cases of having an vaccine prepared to circulate before you do testing, I believe, is dangerous, best case scenario,” Fauci said.

A corona virus vaccine won’t change the world immediately

Driven by the earnestness of the pandemic, nations around the globe are submitting enormous development requests for antibodies and burning through billions of dollars to assist organizations with scaling up creation before they are demonstrated sheltered and powerful.

The hazard is primarily a money related one — if the vaccines don’t prevail in enormous scope clinical preliminaries, they won’t be utilized.

The main Russian vaccine competitor has so far been tried in little, early clinical preliminaries intended to locate the correct portion and survey any security concerns. It was given to researchers who created it, in self-experimentation that is unordinary in present day science, just as to 50 individuals from the Russian military and a bunch of different volunteers.

Dmitriev said Russia will proceed with Phase 3, a bigger preliminary including a large number of members regularly thought to be a fundamental antecedent to get administrative endorsement. Equal preliminaries are arranged in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and perhaps Brazil and the Philippines, he said.

The southern Brazilian province of Paraná reported that it will start delivering the conceivable Russian vaccine in November.

Russia additionally expects to begin utilizing the possible vaccine on willing cutting edge clinical specialists and educators, who will be approached to archive how they’re feeling. In any case, while Russian authorities have consistently guaranteed that the vaccine is protected, Dmitriev couldn’t state on the off chance that it was tried on somebody previously contaminated with the coronavirus. A few antibodies, similar to one produced for dengue fever and utilized in the Philippines, can make the ailment more extreme.

“We will have countless individuals previously immunized like this in August,” Dmitriev said.

The World Health Organization despite everything records the Gamaleya vaccine as being in Phase 1.

WHO representative Tarik Jasarevic said at a preparation in Geneva that, “We are in close contact with Russian wellbeing specialists and conversations are progressing regarding conceivable WHO prequalification of the vaccine.”

“In any case, once more,” he proceeded, “prequalification of any vaccine incorporates the thorough audit and evaluation of all necessary security and adequacy information.”

The majority of what outside researchers think about the test vaccine is from used sources and not from distributed clinical investigations. Dmitriev recognized that while that might be strange somewhere else, Russia is customarily mysterious in its logical undertakings.

The outcomes from Phases 1 and 2 will be distributed before the current month’s over, he stated, including that the postpone was hanging tight for formal enlistment.

“You need to contemplate the Russian framework; after Sputnik was flying for five days, just on Day 5 did Russia recognize that there is a satellite flying,” he said.

Analyze yourself before to go for Freelancing Profession-Online Earning Step-2

As we discussed with you earlier that communication skill is main factor before starting your career as freelancing. If you think that you can best is communication even just a good communicator then you can join freelancing as a career. Secondly you have to explore your skill. Of course, skill is the thing you are selling at freelancing platforms. Only you know better about your skills. You know better that you can be a graphic designer or a content writer. You can develop a website or you can do SEO. Social media marketing is in your expertise or not. There are many skills on freelancing platforms you can sell. Now, its depends on you that on which skill you are best. You can sell more than one skill online. If you have no skill then please learn some skills before start freelancing because freelancing is not a piece of cake.

Here, we are mentioning almost 100 skills for your ease;

  1. Logo Design
  2. Game Design
  3. Business Cards & Stationery
  4. Illustration
  5. Pattern Design
  6. Brochure Design
  7. Poster Design
  8. Signage Design
  9. Flyer Design
  10. Book Design
  11. Album Cover Design
  12. Packaging Design
  13. Web & Mobile Design
  14. Social Media Design
  15. Postcard Design
  16. Catalog Design
  17. Menu Design
  18. Invitation Design
  19. Portraits & Caricatures
  20. Tattoo Design
  21. Web Banners
  22. Photoshop Editing
  23. T-Shirts & Merchandise
  24. Presentation Design
  25. Infographic Design
  26. Resume Design
  27. Car Wraps
  28. Vector Tracing
  29. Twitch Store
  30. Social Media Marketing
  31. SEO
  32. Social Media Advertising
  33. Public Relations
  34. Content Marketing
  35. Video Marketing
  36. Email Marketing
  37. Surveys
  38. Web Analytics
  39. Book & eBook Marketing
  40. Influencer Marketing
  41. Local SEO
  42. Domain Research
  43. E-Commerce Marketing
  44. Mobile Marketing & Advertising
  45. Web Traffic
  46. Video Editing
  47. Short Video Ads
  48. Animated GIFs
  49. Logo Animation
  50. Spokespersons Videos
  51. Unboxing Videos
  52. Lyric & Music Videos
  53. Subtitles & Captions
  54. Visual Effects
  55. Animation for Kids
  56. Slideshows Videos
  57. Screencasting Videos
  58. Animation for Streamers
  59. Article to Video
  60. Real Estate Promos
  61. Product Photography
  62. Local Photography
  63. Articles & Blog Posts
  64. Resume Writing
  65. Proofreading & Editing
  66. Brand Voice & Tone
  67. Technical Writing
  68. Cover Letters
  69. LinkedIn Profiles
  70. Translation
  71. Social Media Copy
  72. Sales Copy
  73. Press Releases
  74. Research & Summaries
  75. Transcripts
  76. Legal Writing
  77. Product Descriptions
  78. Website Content
  79. Business Names & Slogans
  80. Scriptwriting
  81. Book Editing
  82. Email Copy
  83. Speechwriting
  84. Creative Writing
  85. Programming & Tech
  86. WordPress
  87. Website Builders & CMS
  88. E-Commerce Development
  89. Mobile Apps
  90. Web Programming
  91. Desktop Applications
  92. Online Coding Lessons
  93. Support & IT
  94. Data Analysis & Reports
  95. Convert Files
  96. Databases
  97. User Testing
  98. Business
  99. Virtual Assistant
  100. Data Entry

Analyze yourself before to go for Freelancing Profession-Online Earning Step-1

After covid-19, every business step towards online. Due to maintain social distance mostly workers managed to started work at home. And the demand of freelancers increased. In this pandemic situation, most of us thinks about freelancing. Is freelancing a piece of cake?

Freelancing is not a piece of cake. We have to analyze ourselves before to choose freelancing as a profession.

Commination skill:

Communication skills mean how you convince your clients about your project. Communication skills mean how you understand the project of clients. How you convince clients about your professional skills.  How much your vocabulary is strong? How much you can speak and write English? If your English is not much strong then you can’t be good freelancer. Because freelancing mean we are dealing with foreigners. We have to deal with them in their language.  

Communication skills will be capacities you use when giving and accepting various types of data. A few models incorporate imparting thoughts, sentiments or what’s going on around you. Communication skills include tuning in, talking, watching and understanding. It is additionally useful to comprehend the distinctions in how to convey through eye to eye co-operations, telephone discussions and computerized interchanges, similar to email and web-based social networking.

So here are a few hints on speaking with the non-nerds of the work world that will profit your vocation incredibly:

Be perpetually quiet. Like the tolerant sort of patient. Remain quiet and try to avoid panicking, in any event, when you’ve hit an impasse. Continuously keep your levelheadedness. Never speak condescendingly to somebody. Furthermore, advise yourself that we don’t talk a similar language and this is a correspondence obstruction.

Decipher. After you notice your specialized language, at that point say, “This implies … ” But the best interpretations are normally allegories or analogies. It offers an examination in wording others can comprehend.

See the issue from the other individual’s perspective, repeat what you’ve heard and inquire as to whether your comprehension is clear.

Rehash the why until gaze goes out into the distance.

Clarify how what you’re doing or what you ran into influences the task as far as time, multifaceted nature and spending plan.

In the event that advancement is an undertaking, share the obstacles, challenges, perils of the excursion you may run into. At that point give alternatives. Don’t simply give one way of the excursion, present various alternatives regardless of whether they are altogether peripheral choices. Also, when you’ve introduced the various choices, give some contribution with regards to what you’d recommend or like and in particular, why.

Look for help and help from an interpreter. Discover one of those bizarre mixes of individuals who can walk and talk in the two universes. They are your partner. Stick near them. Converse with them frequently. Perceive how they may make an interpretation of what you’re stating to other people.

Know yourself, know your qualities, know your character. See how you convey and how it might be unique in relation to how others impart.

In step 2 we will guide you how you can analyze your professional skill