WordPress VS Blogger

Which is the best “WordPress or Blogger”?

To find the answer to this question we need to take a comparison between WordPress & Blogger.

What is Blogger?

One of the first users who friendly interfaces for the bloggers, was the blogger. He and his companion Pyra Labs were specialized in an interface which is too easy to use for those bloggers who don’t want bells tone and whistles. 
The very first attractive feature of the bloggers is; it is free of cost. Bloggers who are new in this field should have an option to choose the free platform that is easy and very simple to use. It also provides instructions step by step. The bloggers can modify the experience of their viewers and create presence visually. These all things keep their brand compatible.

What is WordPress?

WordPress was created just before a year ago when blogger was purchased by the Google. The purpose behind the creation of WordPress was that it provides a complex platform to the bloggers.WordPress host’s style is so simple and welcome to its users who wanted to shine their written content and photos. 
A WordPress is a self-hosted blog that provides the users to have a lot of control over their look and content that they can publish on the blog. As well as autonomy is also given by the WordPress host to its users. It allows the users to make money via various way such as advertising and affiliated schemes from the blogging.
WordPress host will give the user their own domain names. You can host the WordPress software that you will receive when you choose the WordPress. While this quality is not providing to the Blogger users. 
They have not this software therefore when they want to shut down their account people cannot get access to your data. Another distinguish is WordPress host is shared all the way where you can extend the service but the blogger has no outside influence. 
Blogger has a limited design for the user while linux hosting has thousands of the premium themes for every website needs.

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